New Toyota Aygo: a fresh face and more driving fun

The new Toyota Aygo will make its world debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show on 6 March. Changes to the successful city car strengthen its stand-out character in a highly competitive market segment, both in terms of a youthful and distinctive design and improved performance and handling for a fun-to-drive experience.

The current Aygo has been a notable success for Toyota since its launch in 2014, becoming an instantly recognisable model with its trademark X-shape frontal design and wide range of customisation options.

Appealing to a more style-conscious audience than those who buy their cars for purely rational reasons, Aygo has become one of Toyota’s most successful models in terms of conquest sales and attracting buyers new to the brand. In Europe, Aygo was one of the top sellers in the A-segment for city cars, with more than 85,000 sales and a 6.6% market share.


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